These Walking Blues

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Sunday, the 24th. A west swell is lobbing nice overhead bombs at the shoaled up river mouth. The early afternoon incoming tide promises the best this break has to offer. It’s a good time of year...

Joff – Artist Painting Time Lapse Videos 0

Joff – Artist Painting Time Lapse Videos

My good friend, Joff (Steven Carter), is a seriously talented individual who is doing some amazing things around Port Elizabeth.  Check out these timelapse videos of him creating murals for two local restaurants and another...


The Great Claim Drinking Game

Spice up the next ASP World Tour surf contest you watch, by playing the Great Claim Drinking Game. This novel idea came from the good folks at the Claim World Tour, in an effort...

Insane Newport Point Drone Footage 0

Insane Newport Point Drone Footage

Hurricane Marie did some crazy things to the L.A./Newport coast last week. There were waves. Very serious waves. Check out this drone footage of Newport Point delivering some large, hairy, bear-sized caves.

The Final Word On Reverse Racism 0

PSA: Video About Reverse Racism

  If you’re white and you think you’ve got the right to moan about reverse racism… Aamer Rahmen has a great little PSA for your. Watch the video.

Stephanie In The Water – Official Trailer 0

Stephanie In The Water – Official Trailer

Stephanie Gilmore is the most interesting woman in the (surfing) world. Besides being World Champ five times and mixing her career with a range of (genuinely) cool side projects, she says and does interesting things...

Burning Man Time Lapse 0

Burning Man Time Lapse Video

This is why ‘Burning Man’ is the festival that all others like it are compared to. This time-lapse video of the build-up and execution of Burning Man is pretty freaking amazing.

Old Man Dances Like The Boss Of Everything 0

Old Man Dances Like The Boss Of Everything

Owning the dance floor is a rare feeling, saved for the skilled, uninhibited and occasionally most drunk person at the party. This dear old man, with crutches, crushes that theory. Watch and enjoy.


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