Clayton Truscott

Clayton Truscott is a South African writer, based in Portland, OR. His work has appeared in New Contrast Literary Journal, The Surfer’s Journal, Sharp, Bartleby Snopes, The James Franco Review, and others.
You can see more of his work on his website.



Michael Coetzer

Michael is a copywriter based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Prone to escapism, his mind resides elsewhere, trying to find solace in the cinders of youth. He’s a Nintendo nerd, berry fanatic, and well on his way to becoming the male equivalent of a crazy cat lady. Since getting his hands on The Pixies’ Doolittle at the tender age of ten, music has remained the only constant. Grafting meaning to memory, it’s the breadcrumb trail back to oblivion.


Jocelyn Fryer

After a life-long love affair with ink and paper, Jocelyn is finding the words to bring to light the things that are close to her heart. Residing in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, she spends her free-time mastering the art of pasta making and advocating the adoption of stray animals. To read more, you can visit her blog, Humble Pie.


Jen Stiff

Jen lives in San Diego with her mountain man of a husband and the world’s two most adorable creatures – pugs named Frankie & Beans. She just recently figured out she likes to write, even though she’s technically old enough to be a grandmother. She spends her free time writing for a local animal rescue, traveling, and beating everyone else at yoga. Read more here.

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