Watch The Game Of Thrones ‘Red Nose Day’ Musical

Coldplay is a band that knows its way around a power ballad. Their music pairs well with dramatic scenes.

Picture someone running down a crowded sidewalk in New York City – Coldplay is playing in the background. Probably Clocks.

An elderly woman is cutting up photos at a dining room table – she’s listening to Yellow. Or Fix You. Or that slow number from the album where Chris Martin is dressed like Sargent Pepper’s crackhead brother.

A plane crash survivor emerges from the rubble –  it’s Coldplay you hear.

So it stands to reason that Coldplay should be the ones to spearhead the marriage of their musical talent with the most dramatic show/book series of all time, Game Of Thrones. In all seriousness, it’s pretty dam fantastic and in support of Red Nose Day / Comic Relief.