Jimi Hendrix // Hear My Train A Comin’ Acoustic

Jimi Hendrix playing ‘Hear My Train A Comin‘ on a twelve string acoustic guitar is a thing of beauty. It’s a great pity that the closest we’ll get to his music is this video, but all things considered, that’s still pretty dam amazing.

Hear My Train A Comin’ Lyrics

Well I wait around the train station
Waitin’ for that train
Waitin’ for the train, yeah
Take me, yeah, from this lonesome place
Well now a whole lotta people put me down a lot ‘a changes
My girl had called me a disgrace

The tears burnin’
Tears burnin’ me
Tears burnin’ me way down in my heart
Well you know it’s too bad, little girl, it’s too bad, too bad we have to part

Gonna leave this town, yeah
Gotta leave this town
Gonna make a whole lotta money
Gonna be big, yeah
Gonna be big yeah
I’m gonna buy this town
I’m gonna buy this town, an’ put it all in my shoe (might even give a piece to you)
That’s what I’m gonna do, what I’m gonna do, what I’m gonna do