Mission To Mars – Would You?

The idea of joining the Mars One team appeals to me on a theoretical level.

I could get onboard with starting a new human settlement on a planet far, far away. It’d be something special to see the world getting smaller and smaller as you drift deeper the armpit of space, knowing that you’ll never have to battle for parking ever again. Or find change for the laundromat.  Or live through another war, or international crime against humanity, or Christmas parade, or last call for drinks at the local bar.

Everything, long gone.

Your business, as a person, would be about one thing: laying the grounds for new life on Mars.

That’d be terrifying and exciting. But mostly terrifying.

Although I’m not crazy about the word ‘colonize’ and all the negative historical connotations, it is interesting to think of the long-term implications of a human settlement on another planet. Think of the Olympic Games in 2100, when the Mars team could join in. It’d be the first interstellar sports meet.

On the other hand, if our species does manage to exhaust or destroy all the natural resources on Earth necessary for our habitation, I can’t imagine tickets to Mars would come cheaply. Or fairly. Or even logically.