The Soullessness Of Charity Videos

Okay, so this is the latest feel-good viral video making its way around the inter-web. I’m all for virtual charity, but why these kids are being applauded is a bit confusing.

The scene

It stars three German students and a homeless guy.

Student #1 shimmies over to him and asks if he can borrow his bucket, which he uses as a drum to generate interest from random people and show off his mediocre music skills.

Once student #1 has shown off and made the homeless chap feel suitably awkward, students #2 and #3 arrive with a guitar and more stupid hats. Joy.

So once all three are there, they lunge into a sappy song, which gets a few heads bobbing in the crowd (I am 90% sure these people are all friends or family members being paid in beer or household chores). A song of hope. A song of change. A song of… something. While the homeless dude looks on.

The ditty finishes with a big round of applause.

What’s Really Going On?


Why is this such a noble thing to do?

Their goal,  it would seem from their bogus intro, is to make us stop and recognize that we’re all connected. They’re asking us to take a break from our busy lives and consider all people.

I get that we need to start thinking about life differently. Corporate culture,  consumerism, celebrity worship – this stuff is really screwing with our reality.

But what does this display really do for changing  the social paradigms that reduce society’s children to stock animals? They just arrived, took over his beat and then vanished after creating a scene. How have they considered the homeless man’s views on his situation?

Maybe he was sick of his corporate job and decided to try living out on the streets to get in touch with reality. Maybe he really struggles with crowds and couldn’t hack it in the fast lane. Maybe he was so high, this whole episode is little more than a vicious dream he thought he had a few weeks ago.

My point is, these little wankers have only glorified themselves in hunting for pats on the back and digital fame. I mean, what does this homeless man stand to gain from this whole experience, except a few bucks? Where they going to ask him to move in with the? Because he’s not about to embark on a new career as a professional bucket drummer or a roadie for their band. And he can’t play the guitar. He doesn’t even own a guitar!

I’m surprised they didn’t snap a selfie before slithering back to campus, where they’ll probably lie to each other about having read  all the Russian novels on their set reading list and pretend to understand Nietzsche’s work.

“We Walk.

We Hurry.

Isolated. Focussed On Ourselves. ”

Yes. We do. Or many of us do.

Now go fuck yourself.


This all reminds of the ponsy doos who started the charitable Nek Nomination videos a while back. The only way this guy has gone out of his way is by uploading the video on Youtube. All he did was spend an extra thirty Rand at Woolies or Spar and make a pitstop on his way to gym. He has the homeless person in this video like a prop – whistling for him to come fetch his lottery winnings, before he fucks off into the sunset.

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