The Red Roman

Howdy, folks. The Red Roman is now available for purchase on Amazon/Kindle – you can sample and view it here.


This dark tale follows two downtrodden souls through the bowels of a shit-stain bar in a bad part of town. It’s also illustrated by the super talented Steven ‘Joff’ Carter.


I hope you enjoy.


Here’s an excerpt:


I don’t remember being interviewed (I’m pretty sure I was hired on the spot), only that I was young, angry and in desperate need of a job. Any job. My dad had kicked me out and I was sleeping at a friend’s flat, on his damp, musty couch.

I started off working dayshifts beside Sheena, the manager, this hard woman in her mid-thirties who’d been through a lifetime of drama; arrests, assault, evictions, abortions. You name it. Nothing shocked or rattled her. She knew a thing or two about losing.

Sheena would arrive for work at ten in the morning with a fresh pack of Cavalier Reds, these cheap cigarettes that gave you a migraine and a numb tongue. Her first order of duty was to complain about the bus drivers on Fountain Street. She’d swear and fuss and hammer out a list of reasons why they were destroying the neighbourhood, finishing off with the same prediction every day: “Someone is going to get knocked over – just watch. It’ll happen.”  

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